May 24, 2010

Monday Moodboard

cotton skirt by thongbaitatong
felted pebbles by smika
buttons necklace by amoronia
blue bowls by azulado

It seems that a rainy weather we got on the weekend is here to stay. It must be good for the nature so I am not complaining any further! Perhaps these beauties in shades of turquoise will make our day a happy one!

I have noticed some of my Etsy friends, those who have been selling there for years have now decided to open independent shops and close their Etsy stores. I have also noticed it is so much harder to be seen on Etsy today. I have been doubting do I still have energy to make such big efforts for my shop there too. On the other hand I wouldn't like to quit the journey now because of a great and highly supportive community Etsy has to offer, I do love my customers and fellow sellers there! How do you feel about the current situation? Have you felt unmotivated to keep your Etsy shop active just lately? I would love to hear your voice on this matter.

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ps. If you want to see what was my spring swap for her, have a look here!


jealousydesign said...

Very pretty moodboard!

I think it is even more difficult to get seen if you only have your own website than be on Etsy. The best combo is maybe to have both. I don´t feel that I don´t get seen on Etsy (or maybe I should say outside of Etsy as I promote my shop there) but it is difficult to keep up with the social part in the community because of the time I need to spend in my studio but also online outside of Etsy.

Rely said...

Great selection!

I was talking about the same thing with an Etsy friend! It's difficult and sometimes I fell a little bit demotivated...
Etsy is a big world and we are a drop in the ocean!!
I am agree with you about the Etsy sellers ...I am in contact with great people;D

ValeriAtelier said...

I like your moodboard..lovely colours!

Thongbai Tatong said...

Thanks so much, Minna, for the feature. It is a wonderful and fresh collection.

I understand how you feel about the decreasing motivation on running an Etsy shop. Things have been going slowly for me too. Etsy is big, the competion is high and you can get lost there easily.

But I have a lot of confidence in my work and in Etsy. There are a lot of people who visit Etsy and are willing to pay for something special and of good quality. With the new lifestyle that people are more environmental friendly and appreciating alternative and handmade products, handmade business should receive positive influence.

During such a slow time like this I am now trying to come up with new orginal designs and improve my crafting techniques. We do our best. Etsy helps take care of their stystem for us. And our community continues to support each other. This is a wonderful combo. Hang in there!

Amoronia said...

Hi dear! Thanks for including my necklace in your Moodboard!

Minna, your work is so lovely and special, it's a pity for you to consider leaving Etsy. Keep the faith -although it might not be a bad idea to be pluralistic, as times are hard indeed.

severien said...

that ochre/turquoise color combination is simply gorgeous.. i would never think of putting those two colors together but it looks great!

Kuutydruk said...

Gorgeous board!

I totally agree with you! It's really hard to be seen lately. And I'm really small with my shop and I don't have many customers. But it's not my main income at the moment and I don't worry much. It would be pity, if you leave Etsy. I love your vintage style! Just hang in there, there will be better times ahead! :)


Andreanna said...

I agree with the others it is better to have both. Etsy has been harder to be seen on since the Treasury East. I do think etsy is easier to sell on then a private site.

Kosmika said...

This collection is so fresh.. i love your style!
PLEASE, don't leave Etsy! :(

BARBARIX said...

I agree with you!
but I think the best is to have both. your etsy shop end a private website/shop which is also goos to use as a gallery/portfolio for yourself and to show to others.

NorraSud by ROROISM said...


nice board:-)
I have never became big (in any scale) on etsy and i never felt noticed. I feel like each of my sale sis sort of accidental.

It used to be better for me on Dawada where i made more sales with no on-line activity, but now even that stuckes...

I'd lov eto go into r.e.a.l. more and into the world of direct sale.

Sandra Rosa said...

Thanks so much for featured my blue bowl of the flower.

I loved the choices you made.

I've been thinking a lot lately on this issue of competition. But I think it exists everywhere and is growing. Things are not easy.
And I think that after all is more pleasant to be next to friends and with a structure very well constructed, than unaided. Of course I am of the opinion that we should always try to be on several fronts. (Local market, craft fairs, etc.).
I'm not giving up easily:)

I usually think if I had so much work and effort, sooner or later things will happen to me. Just can not quit.

karuski said...

Thanks for your precious comments and thoughts so far. It helps me a bit to see I am not alone with this situation.

I must agree with Andreanna about the treasury east. It has changed so much, unfortunately not only in positive ways.

Also, I try to think similarly with Bai, when times are slow it is better concentrate on creating something new instead of getting stuck with old designs.

Sandra, I find this mix the best too (add wholesale there too!).


Annemiek - TwoTreesBelgium said...

Nice moodboard !

I think ETSY is slow too, I thought it was just me. But than again, it is such a great community and well know. I think that more attention on a less known website will be just as hard. I do hope that with the European office ETSY will get better know in Europe too, so hanging in there.

Katheyl said...

I echo the views of most of the people who have commented. Try it out both ways - on Etsy and your own personal site.

I've only been selling officially on Etsy for about 6 months. It's been tough trying to garner sales and attention but on the positive side of things, I enjoy the great support from the Teams I've joined.

Other options (which you may have already done them) are consignment, wholesaling, craft fairs or collaborating with other brands, sellers.

It's tough but I'm confident it will eventually work out for you. Your products, especially your clutches are beautiful and they are your signature designs. To me, having that signature design/product is important to an artist :)

Pamela Angus said...

pretty moodboard Minna - you have a great eye for colour :)
I am one of those sellers leaving Etsy - Etsy is great and if you list often/great photos/unique product etc it works but after 3 years selling there I think it's time to move on (for me) I hope to stay in touch with everyone though!!!!!!

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