May 26, 2010

Shop Update

I haven't been posting many shop updates lately. It's been busy times with craft markets and wholesale orders. However, I decided I try to keep my shop as active as I can during this summer. Here are three new clutch purses I finished and listed this week.

little birdie clutch with a hand drawn detail

black velvet clutch with sweet embellishments

sakura blooms clutch with a vintage cherry blossom print

We are planning a trekking trip to Lapland later in July. There will be some house renovation work during the holidays too. This means I might need to take a little break from my shoppe and blog at some point but will let you know in advance for sure.

Do you have plans for this summer?

ps. Thanks again for all your support and response on my Monday post. Means a lot to me!


ira said...

these pretty things will look wonderful in your shop Minna!:)

Thongbai Tatong said...

I love your new clutches.. The one with black fabric is really me;) Your style is very unique. You can tell that the are "Karuski". Looking forward to seeing more new items in your shop.

Catalina said...

That first one looks so summery, love that!

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