May 12, 2010

Getting Ready

This always happens whenever I get busy with wholesale orders, I simply cannot keep up with my blog. Today I took some pictures of my new pieces before sending them off. A few more purses are waiting for finishing touches so I will take and share pictures of them before packing everything up.

I came up with this bigger clutch purse some time ago
So glad this reseller of mine wanted to give it a try!

I especially love this one made with earthy raw silk

Smaller clutches with removable accessories

These two would make a nice company for a happy summer day party

Tomorrow we have a national holiday here. Once I get ready with this order I hope to spend some time in the garden. Today we already had such a lovely and warm day so I'm hoping it would continue like this. How about a picnic if the weather allows?


Lila Ruby King said...

they are lovely Minna! that earth raw silk is divine! I am sure they'll sell out fast!

Missy said...

The ones in the bottom pic are my favorite!!

matchstickgirl said...

o sweeet !!!!

i like the little ones with flowers

fleurfatale said...

ooo, they are beautiful,
and gosh, you did a lot of work!

vadjutka said...

wow, amazing amount of work - but it worth! the clutches are sweet!

mamutopia said...

Beatiful, as always! :D

ira said...

This one will doing great in your shop Minna!

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