November 28, 2008

Free Shipping

This weekend I'm offering free shipping on my brooches and gift tags. This offer will be in force from Black Friday, Nov 28th through Cyber Monday, Dec 1st.

Shipping from Finland to any place where the mail man will go!


Tänä viikonloppuna kaikki rintakoruni sekä pakettikortit matkustavat luoksesi ilmaiseksi missä tahansa sitten satutkin asumaan. Ilmainen kuljetus on voimassa tilauksiin jotka on tehty aikavälillä perjantai 28.11. - maanantai 1.12. Ai mikä Black Friday ja Cyber Monday, saatat ihmetellä. Niin minäkin, ihmetellään yhdessä!


glasfaden said...

Good luck on your sale! *thinking to offer something as well*

sarah said...

ha ha! funny story about the mail man, my family lives in a remote village in the mountains and i sent them something, but the mail man just called them to let them know he was leaving the parcel in a shop in a village lower down the mountain, cause he didn't want to come up! lol!

karuski said...

Sarah, poor mailman! I feel for him, ain't any easy task to climb up the mountain with a parcel;)

I suppose you had mailed some heavy box like tons of Christmas cookies, lol!

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