November 20, 2008

Small Tasks

I had decided to take part on Get Eurofied promotion. I came up with the idea of making some 30 gift tags with my birdie and bear print (tags serve nicely as book marks, too), along with a gift certificate which entitles for free shipping once the purchase is made at my Etsy Shop by March 31, 2009.

These are the gift tags/book marks I got ready and shipped out today. It's such an enchanting feeling which you get once a little project is done: think, design, draw, scan, print, cut, sew, fold, assemble, write, stamp, send away - this is what it takes!

Oh, and one more thing. Last night we got the first snow.


Olin päättänyt osallistua Get Eurofied -promootioon. Mietinnän tuloksena valmistin 30 pakettikorttia lintu- ja karhuprintilläni (kortit toimivat hyvin myös kirjanmerkkinä). Paketissa on mukana lahjakortti joka oikeuttaa ilmaiseen postitukseen, kun ostos on tehty Etsy-kaupastani 31.3.2009 mennessä.

Onpa ilahduttava tunne saada pieni projekti päätökseen: ajattele, suunnittele, piirrä, skannaa, tulosta, leikkaa, ompele, taita, kokoa, kirjoita, leimaa, lähetä maailmalle - tätä se vaatii!

Ai niin, ja viime yönä satoi ensilumi.


kraplap said...

they look lovely !

glasfaden said...

Sweet!! I didn't manage to make something this time - time flew. Will see, if I can join next time :)

ingermaaike said...

Well done!

Gunnels blog said...

great gifttags! thanks for visit and comment on my blog! And good luck with you new blog, and welcome to blogland :-)

karuski said...

Thanks for all comments!
The sample boxes go on sale Dec 1st! Go and get yours while they last:) Of course new changes to participate come soon again.


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