August 31, 2010

Season Delights

If you are an avid mushroom hunter like me and if you are lucky to find loads of wild mushrooms in the forest here is a tip: preserve them by drying. Can you believe this 1/2 liter glass jar contains 4-5 large boletus mushrooms? These will make several delicious soups this fall and upcoming winter!

By slicing them thin + drying mushrooms turn really tiny. You save a lot of space and their flavour gets even better and more intense by this preserving method. I kept them in the oven at 45 celsius for approximately 5 hours but the time varies and if you use air drying the time naturally gets longer. The most important thing is to dry them at a low heat [max. 50 celsius] until they are crispy so that there is no moisture left.

Always make sure you know which mushrooms are edible and which ones are hazarous. Learn about different preserving methods on different specimens. Consult a wild mushroom book or someone who is an expert on this field.

Enjoy the mushroom season!
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