August 15, 2010

Sweet Sunday

Gooseberries from the garden
+coconut flakes
+crushed almonds
+icing sugar
=lovely pie, perfect for this Sunday

Recipe via Kodinkuvalehti
Contact me if you need the translation!


L'Accent Nou - creative projects said...

oh yeah, it is perfect for sunday, for monday, tuesday, wenesday, thursday, friday and saturday! :D
yummmmm! I would eat a piece with a glass of kefir...mmmm... :D

fleurfatale said...

oooh, yummie!!!
a real summer dessert :-)

m.e (Cathie) said...

that looks amazing!!
Happy monday to you

Missy said...

Minna, that looks so good!! Do you ever make it with a different berry? I don't think gooseberries are to common around here.

karuski said...

Thanks everyone, it tasted really good:)

Missy, you could make one with cherries (I know, they are fruits!)...


Amoronia said...

Check this out too:

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