August 30, 2010

Monday Moodboard

basket purse
by starbags
miniature cupcakes by petitplat
photograph by matkirschphoto
necklace by ioulia

I think many of you know by now autumn is my favorite season. Especially sunny days with a modest temperature make me want to have a walk in the woods. On a rainy day I love to stay indoors and enjoy a cup of tea with home baked cupcakes or berry pie. The best thing is to see the nature turning its coat into beautiful shades of brown, red and yellow.

Last week I mentioned about a new project I started to work with. Now, I have finished two laptop sleeve prototypes and will show them to my wholesale customer this week. Perhaps I can share pictures with you soon.

Have a wonderful week!
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fleurfatale said...

yes, I spotted the warm autumn colors in your moodboard, I hope autumn brings us many sunny days and a littel bit of rain, lol! We had enough of that in august!
Grats with your order!

Matthias said...

I love those mini-cupcakes. Too cute! Thank you for adding my flowers here!

Naomi said...

Lovely, these beautiful items really capture that autumn feeling. I am drooling thinking about homemade cupcakes and berry pie!

NorraSud by ROROISM said...

short summer, huh?
good luck with sleeves:-)

Star of the East said...

Gorgeous warm toned moodboard!
I can send you some sun anytime :)
Thanks so much for featuring our bag!

jealousydesign said...

Very pretty mood!

ioulia said...

Thank you for the feature, Minna! It's a beautiful autumn mood!

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