December 11, 2009

Sweet Package

Finally I got a chance to show you this: a lovely gift I won from a give-away few weeks ago. I got to choose something worth $45 from Bebe & Alice's shop and I chose this beautiful scarf made from recycled fabric circles. Also, in addition to this I was allowed to pick little something extra so I asked for a birdie ornament I had received from Heather earlier. This new one shall be a Christmas gift to someone special (so hard to give it go though!). Heather even added few fabric scraps for inspiration. Actually, we've been chatting about having a small co-operation project next year, you'll hear more about it soon, I'm sure. Yeah, and it's so funny it was me to win this give-away as we are already friends, thanks to Etsy!

If you like what you just saw, have a look around Bebe & Alice's. It's a great place, I can tell ya!


vadjutka said...

Lucky girl!!!
Lovely scraf - you look great!

fleurfatale said...

The scarf is so lovely and beautiful (and so are you!), absolutely your style, well ....I think so!

Heather said...

you were so sweet to take a pic of yourself wearing the scarf!
it amazes me that we have found each other across all these miles, thanks to the Web and Etsy!
it warms my heart to see something i spent time creating draped so lovingly around your beautiful neck!
truly, i am blessed.

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