May 09, 2009

Weekend Read

Today I went to library to return books and get some new ones too. I was very happy to find a book about Finnish textile industry, focusing on printed fabrics, From Cretonne to Print (Kretongista printtiin), published by Maahenki Oy, 2008. Wide and proud history of textile industry started in Finland in 1820's. Finnish design started to florish after WWII, it pursued for functional, high quality items good for every day use right from the beginning. Textiles didn't make an exception. Happily this book is bilingual (in Finnish/English). It would make a great read to anyone interested in Finnish design! I'll read this book with a big enthusiasm!

I picked a few prints from the book, just to give the idea what the Finnish textile printing is all about.

1. On book cover Edward Terzibasiyan's printed fabric for Tampella, private collection
2. Kukka by Marjatta Metsovaara for Tampella in 1963
3. Metsänväki by Kristina Isola for Marimekko Oyj in 2008
4. Katve by Hanna Kerman for Fokus Fabric in 2006

All times Scandinavian designs have been inspired by nature and it's quite incredible how modern 50's-60's designs look. They could be made today. What part do you personally cherish in your country's design history?


Ravenhill said...

this looks like it will make for great reading!

ingermaaike said...

Wow great designs and books! My birth country, Holland, has a very interesting and singular design history. Fashion and furniture are just a small part. What I find most amazing is their ability to form and shape the landscape to suit need, all they do is derived from that.

Star of the East said...

Those prints look wonderful, love the trees!

Anna+Lila said...

beautiful prints! I love this style!
You should check out the work of Australian designer Florence Broadhurst,
she did prints for fabric and wallpaper. A fascinating woman as well!

LeelaBijou said...

wow, beautiful!

CinderLisa said...

Fascinating! Those are some gorgeous fabrics, too!

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