May 25, 2009

Exhibition Tour

It was a long weekend and I can happily say that for a change I do feel relaxed. Well, in fact for me all days are pretty much equal but as now H had a chance to spend more time at home it was extra nice for me too, of course. I'm glad that besides some gardening work, cooking, crafting, reading and snuggling we made a little trip to Fiskars Village on Sunday. Fiskars is full of beautiful old (and renovated) buildings where local artists and artisans reside and work.

Every summer they show two group exhibitions, one about design and another focusing on art. Led by Form is about production in series, showing mostly Finnish design, both industrially produced goods and items made by artisan methods. It is a mix of well known classics and something much more experimental. The following pieces are quite adorable, don't you think?!

Dance Shoes by Company (Aamu Song & Johan Olin)

Porcelain bowls by Heli Valaja

Animal stories by LEM

International textile exhibition It is Beautiful Here is held in a charming old wooden magazine building with three floors. Here are some of my very favorites from what I saw (did I just tell you I recently started my embroidery lessons?!)

A part of installation The Bear and the Girl by Helen Dahlman

Panier percé by Guillaume Delvigne & Ionna Vautrin

Sealpelt by Vik Prjónsdóttir
Autumn Collection by Severija Incirauskaité-Kriauneviciené

The Girl Is Growing by Outi Martikainen

The exhibitions opened on May 10th and they will keep the doors open till September 27th. Pay a visit if you're in the area this summer!


Heli said...

Fiskars on ihana paikka! nayttaa kivoilta kaikki esineet/tyot!

Kreativlink said...

Wow! Amazing things!

fleurfatale said...

oooh what a great exhibition, I just love the bucket with cross stitch (if this is the right word for it ;-))

emedemarta said...

what a nice projects! but that shoes are one of the sweetest things i've seen lately..
thank you!!

LeelaBijou said...

very impressive! :)

Sigmosaics said...

oh this looks amazing .. am rather envious!

Malene said...

Love those dance shoes :-)

kraplap said...

wow beautiful stuff ! I am in love with the rabbits !

Rita from said...

Nice! Thank you so much for sharing!

ingermaaike said...

Amazing art!

Star of the East said...

Awesome goods, love the rusted bucket with embroidery!

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