May 20, 2009

Learning Embroidery

I've been wanting to try embroidery for so long but somehow kept postponing it constantly. I feel that right now I need to find new ways to express my creativity so this is my moment to concentrate on learning something new. I went through my bookshelf and found a couple of Japanese embroidery books and magazines. I love Piu Sudo's work! Too bad her website didn't exist any longer but I found this book online here.

Delightful Creations with Embroidery and Appliqué by Piu Sudo is full of inspiring pictures and patterns. As the patterns are for personal use only, I never use them as they are. Nonetheless they work as a source of inspiration.

I made little drawing on my sketchbook.

Here's my first try, it's made freehand without any drawing on fabric. Masterpieces are yet to come but so far I enjoy making these!

Another try with a butterfly and a leaf motive to accompany a sakura flower on my upcycled fabric with nice prints. After making all embroideries I will continue with my sewing machine. These are supposed to turn out zippered clutches. Maybe I'll come up with a completely new idea too. Learning continues!

Wishing a creative day to you!


jealousydesign said...

looks like fun. And it dont look as it is your first try, you got the talent for it.

fleurfatale said...

I just love embroidery, as a child I did it a lot, I was the kind of child sitting alone in a corner always busy crafting :-))

I am sure embroidery will match perfect with you style of designs!

Ravenhill said...

Love your little drawings and your embroidery is so lovely!
~Emily xx

Rita from said...

So sweet! Thank you so much for sharing!

Star of the East said...

embroidery is very addicting, I have done it for quite some years untill I discovered jewelry making :) Yours are very cute!

ingermaaike said...

Embroidery is such fun indeed! You obviously have the feeling for it!

Jane_Bo said...

Beautiful embroidery, it looks so pretty on this natural fabric) And it's very good for beginner!

karuski said...

You guys are so supportive, thank you!

Fleur, your comment really made me smile, can imagine you busy tinkering there;)

It's just that I never had the patience for hand embroidery until now. It's such a time consuming method but I'm starting to enjoy it now.


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