May 30, 2009

Blooming Weekend

I was away from home for four days this week, I visited my parents who live 6 hours by train from me. These days we don't get a chance to meet too often, I wish we lived closer to each other. We spent a lot of time outdoors, we walked and had bicycle rides. I even bought a brand new bike (will show pictures later on, I hope)! I got back home last night and was delighted to see and smell new flowers in the garden: tulips, woodland strawberry, lilacs & poppies are soon in full bloom. Also apple, cherry and plum trees are blooming right now, so pretty! This weekend the weather forecast promised truly summery degrees, so far it has fulfilled its promises. Other than that I've been experimenting a bit more on hand embroidery. Hopefully I manage to finish some work within few days. It'd be great to list something new to my shop soon.

Have a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wow, how nice to have such beautiful blooms!

Sigmosaics said...

spectacularly pretty garden you have minna!! beautiful photography .. so nice to hear you had a lovely time away :D

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