September 03, 2010

Magazine Feature

Friday is here again, yahoo!
I hope your week was a good one, I feel quite content despite the cold I caught.

I met my wholesale customer and she approved my first prototypes for laptop sleeves. She mentioned about Karuski pouch having published on a Finnish lifestyle magazine 'Maalaisunelma', issue #7 with an ecological approach.

So nice to see them concentrating on eco-friendliness, fairtrade & handmade

This Karuski pouch is available in three different patterns on

Such a lovely magazine with inspiring styling

I decided to subscribe, can't wait to receive the next issue to my mailbox!

I'm going to snuggle on my couch with a blanket + this magazine.
Hopefully the flu will be gone by Monday [if not sooner].

Happy weekend to you!


vadjutka said...

Yaay, mega congrats Minna!
The feature looks great!

Katheyl said...

Congrats on the feature! :)

fleurfatale said...

oooh, looks indeed a very pretyy magazine, a pity for me it's in Finnish!!
Grats with the feature and I am happy you go ahead with the wholesale order!

Heather said...

that is so wonderful, minna.
enjoy the delightful magazine and get well soon!

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