September 23, 2010

From The Craft Market

this week has totally flied by so fast!
i spent last weekend at AuraStreetMarket &
as usual i loved the event
the sales weren't as good as a year ago but still decent
i feel happy so big thanks to everyone who visited

this time i'm not posting karuski pictures
but a few photos of irjamarie's whose table was next to mine
selling her sweet greeting cards, all in vintage style
she even offered me her place to stay the saturday night
so very kind of her, i feel grateful

I'm now fully working on another wholesale order.
Hopefully soon I can make something new, new, new for my Etsy too.
But first comes another craft market event. Not this weekend, but the next one.

See you soon again!


Theres just life said...

I love the cards. They are so sweet and beautiful. I am so glad you did well at the market and that you meet a new friend.

annette said...

What beautiful greeting cards. I need to make my way to a craft fair sometime soon. Also wanted you to know I highlighted your blog in a recent post of mine. I've enjoyed the fresh look of your blog and the lovely curation of handmade items. Keep up the good work!

Catalina said...

Beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing and good luck next fair! I'm having one next weekend too:)

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