March 05, 2010

Weekend Wishlist

I haven't been posting anything on my blog since last Sunday. It is because I've been working on a couple of custom orders + photographing new work. Also I've used plenty of time hunting for some supplies. Seems that some essential supplies like interfacing fabric is really hard to find unless you want to walk to the fabric store counter. Of course when having a business, no matter how small it is, you prefer buying in bulk if it's something you need to complete your orders on a regular basis. I already use so much extra time working on recycled fabrics I cannot afford buying some other supplies in retail prices. There must be a balance in everything you do. I used to buy from a local supplier but unfortunately they have recently shut down their business. Now I finally managed to find an agent that imports this particular interfacing fabric I need and I even got the samples in mail today, yay!

So about my weekend plans:

- testing the interfacing fabric
- checking my supply inventory, I need to stock more zippers soon
- designing the spring look for my site, update is much needed
- getting ready for a group exhibition with a recycling theme (these 'umbrellas' with doilies below will be displayed 19.3.- 11.4. in Verkaranta, Tampere)
- making linen pouches for Verkaranta exhibition, these will be available for purchase in their shop (kind of extra display by the main event)

Do you have something particular on your table right now?
I think I might need a holiday next week.
Happy weekend to you!


Heather said...

those umbrellas are amazing! i love the green...wonderful.

Vilt à la Kim said...

wow I agree with Heather, amazing umbrella's!!

do try to enjoy you weekend:)

Babongo Handmade said...

Love that first pic, it's gorgeous. Those umbrella's are awesome too :)
have a lovely weekend!

BHB Kidstyle said...

I agree with Heather too. Umbrelas are amaizing and especially the green one.
Have a nice week-end!

Carmenesque said...

That green umbrella is super! Enjoy experimenting with your new samples :-)

Katheyl said...

The umbrellas are gorgeous! All the best for the exhibition!

And have a great weekend!

syko kajsa said...

Onnea näytteeyn johdosta!! Ihanalta näyttää!

Catalina said...

oooh I love that green crochet umbrella! Very nice idea!

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