September 26, 2009

Happy Weekend

This is the first time I'm posting a whole bunch of pictures from a single artist on my blog. The reason for this is that I just can't keep this to myself: I made a purchase from this amazing Portugese fiber artist: Maria João Ribeiro. She was the featured seller on Etsy this week too. It's the ring in the last picture I bought from her. In fact this ring had been on my favorites list for a long, long time already. I can't wait to see it person, such a lovely and unique piece of wearable art, don't you agree?

Today we are going to visit H's nephew and niece, they have a birthday party todayl We will take the kitten with us. She will stay over night at their place and we'll continue to Helsinki. We've got tickets for Helsinki International Film Festival tonight and tomorrow. I will also go and visit Helsinki Vintage tomorrow. Have a nice weekend, all of you!


Jane_Bo said...

I'm her admirer since I saw her designs on Flickr, great artist!

vadjutka said...

I love kjoo's work as well. In fact she was one of the first artists whose work I met through etsy.

Have fun on the festival!!

glasfaden said...

She is one of the first artists I've hearted on Etsy. Stunning work!

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