September 16, 2009

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I'm feeling fragile. It is because of a shock I experienced yesterday. I had been supply shopping on Etsy and unfortunately faced a seller whose product didn't meet my expectations. So I had to leave her three feedback: one positive, one neutral and one negative. What did I receive in return? Three negative feebacks. Yes, this really happened. I have contacted both the seller and the Etsy admin but so far there is no response from either one. I keep on waiting. And what really makes me mad, is that this seller's product was really poor, some of them fell to pieces just too easily. How could I sell items further made from this crap? On top of this she's not accepting returns. This should have been a warning sign to me right in the beginning! A reputable seller accepts returns, no matter if the item is perfect or faulty.

It is so sad the Etsy buyer cannot leave an honest feedback in fear of getting abused. As far as I have understood these issues have been solved on Ebay. The buyer protection is so much stronger there. I think I will refrain from buying supplies on Etsy until the feedback system has changed. It has to change! If you want to avoid a disappointment, please go and look through my feedback so you know who I'm talking about here.

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ira said...

Minna, I'm sorry to hear your experience:(

Actually you still can continue to shop on etsy, just open an account only for shopping! That's what I do and it seem perfect to me!

michele said...

Oh no, I am really sorry for that expirience and I totally agree, they shoud solf this problem as fast as possible!
I hope you get respond from Etsy and that they delete your neg. Feedback!
That is really not o.k!
Huge Hug to you:)

vadjutka said...

ooh, I am really sorry for you!
I do hope that Etsy admins will listen to you.

PS: I know this seller, I purchased sg from her a while ago, but it was OK:

Rita alias alatvian said...

Oh, Minna, what a bummer! The strange thing is: it says 100% positive feedback, but you aren't the only one who left neutral and negative feedback.
Big hug for you and thanks for the warning!

Stéphanie Kilgast said...

How do you know that the earrings weren't surgical steel? Could you mail me the answer please, that is some important information for myself!

I'm really sorry to hear that, I almost bought there but finally chose another supplier. I hope Etsy will do something!


karuski said...

Thanks for your support everyone, makes me feel a bit more comfortable with this uneasy situation.

Rita, yes, this is very misleading too. Now my feedback shows 98% positive even though I haven't done anything wrong. She has.

Stéphanie, I can tell by seeing the silver plated finish. I'll mail you details.


Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet Minna. *Hugs to make u feel better*. I think that probably u are unfortunate to face this problem with this supplier. But hey, on the bright side, there are always good suppliers around, they will overwrite this bad experience.
Hope Etsy solve it asap for u.

ArtMind said...

Oh Minna, I feel so sorry this happened to you. It is so low and unfair of the seller! I hope they will take it away as it's totally undeserved!
I have another account on Etsy and every time I buy supplies I forget to use it but this reminds me I should!
I wish you lots of succes preparing for and at the market so that you can forget about all of this *hugs*

Barbara said...

Not a nice story!
Can you tell me where you bought your supplies in the end?
I am looking for a good quality/price one!
Hugs Barbara

karuski said...

Just a little update. Etsy wont remove the feedback as "it does not violate their policies". I hope we could find a happy ending to this case though. Too sad things can go this way. Very difficult. I feel sad and powerless. Trying to get over it soon. Thanks again friends.


Kuutydruk said...

Oh Minna, I'm so sorry to hear. Hugs to you and hope you feel better soon.

karuski said...

Little good news!
We got a bearable solution. I suggested her "kiss & make up" so that there's now just one negative feedback from each side. I think I can live with that. I have to admit I should have acted a bit differently before leaving my feedback in the first place. But I'm sure we both feel better now and that's good.

Thanks for everyone's support once again!


birribe said...

So sorry to hear about this bad experience. But from bad experince
you get accustomed.
Hope you feeel better now

ingermaaike said...

Glad it has been resolved in a fairly fine way. It does gnaw on the mind, such dealings :-(

Rita alias alatvian said...

Dear Minna! I feel happy to hear it's fixed more or less and you feel better. Every experience teaches us anything. Sometimes - on a painfull way. XXXXX

Dina Fragola said...

So sorry this happened to you. But don't worry about that, reading your feedback, anyone will know what happened and it just looks bad for the seller not for you.

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