September 22, 2009

From The Craft Market

So I spent a weekend in Turku and returned home on Sunday evening. First of all BIG thanks to all sweet people who visited Karuski table! I was very happy to meet many, many friendly customers there. Besides people, the weather was so nice too. We were lucky to get sunshine on both days.

I shared a booth with VitiDesign which is a label offering tees, panties, boxers & jewelry for gals and guys. Textiles are made locally by using certified ecological cotton. Too bad my friend Mari (designer and owner of VitiDesign) wasn't able to be present, she was celebrating at her sister's wedding on Saturday in other city. We need to arrange a get-together another time!

Next to me was Reetta of Joutomaa. It was great to hear she's opening a b&m shop + atelier late October in the centre of Turku. Some Karuski items might be found from there as well. Stay tuned! KUIdesign girls were also fun to talk to. I've been doing consignment with their shop for quite some time already. Their shop is so very cosy, I love its atmosphere! They made some new orders from Karuski too.

The weekend was really good, I'm feeling tired but happy. I'm already looking forward to visiting Turku soon again!


Beach Cottage Studio said...

Very lovely pictures!

Star of the East said...

Your post is fully of positive and bright things, that is great, so happy for you :)

Sigmosaics said...

oh everything looks wonderful Minna .. i'm so pleased you had a great weekend there and that the sales were good! Best of all would have been meeting these lovely artists! how fabulous :)

Morrgan said...

I was there! And I saw your booth! But I am an idiot and my brain wasn't working yet after all the travelling the week before, so I just kept wondering why karuski sounded so familiar... Now I feel silly. :D

jealousydesign said...

beautiful photos, Nice to read that you had a great weekend!

fleurfatale said...

It seems you had a wonderful time there and your booth looks beautiful. The other crafty ladies have gorgeous designs, good to be in such a nice and talented company!

Heather said...

Minna, your pictures and your items are all so beautiful!
Oh how I wish I could have been at that craft market to visit your space and handle all those lovely creations....and of course,
finally meet you in person!

karuski said...

Thanks, it was all good and now I need a couple of days to recover from everything!

Morrgan, that's funny. I hope we'll meet soon again and have a chat!

Heather, I so wish to meet you too one of these days. Thanks for all encouragement:)


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