August 12, 2009

Good Luck Continues

Last week I received an email from Devi of Glasfaden. She did let me know I had won something from a guessing game she held on her blog just a little ago. I was terribly busy preparing for my craft show and didn't even have time to check her blog back then. But this Monday I got a parcel from her and what did she send me?! The sweetest necklace she had made. I love the way Devi had given a deep thought all the way making this piece. Not only the necklace is beautiful but the display as well. So when I'm not wearing this "dreamcather" I will have it as a wall decoration. And the message "fly, hope" it sends is much appreciated too. Isn't it wonderful? I hope she will make similar pieces to her shop too. I'm sure many would love to purchase a wearable dreamcatcher as a sweet gift for oneself or a loved one.

Thank you Devi!


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