August 18, 2009

Flickr Favorites

1. Untitled, 2. clocks, 3. My kitchen shelf, 4. bracelet

Last two weeks I didn't have a chance to put together my Flickr favorites but here they come again. I got an invitation to a new group: granny chic... formed by Emma. I immediately felt inspired and loved browsing around pictures posted in there. I think there's a bit of autumn in the air already. Warm mustard, grape purple and chocolate brown look so nice to me after a light, breezy summer. I might be adding some earthly tones to my own designs soon as well. In fact I find autumn one of my very favorite seasons, can't wait to see trees changing colors and air turning fresh and chilly. Also, autumn has always been a start for something new to me. This year I'm looking forward to signing up for ceramics class again.

To find even more inspirational mosaics, hop over here!


Kreativlink said...

Lovely picks you have there!

ArtMind said...

Autumn is my favorite season too & I can't wait to smell it! ;)
YaY for ceramics - good choice - have fun!
I joined that group too - have been so lazy about adding my pictures to groups but I will do that soon again! ;)
Lovely mosaic!

Stephanie said...

Love the mosaic, especially the colors (and those bracelets in the fourth photo!) I can't wait for autumn to arrive myself :)

Star of the East said...

Wonderful mosaic, can'twait for autumn although it will take another month or 2 here :O

emma lamb said...

this is such a beautiful collection Minna! thank you so much for including my wee pot holder and for all the 'granny chic' love... :)

have a great day,

fleurfatale said...

Wow, love your choices, the vintage touch and the warm colors!
off to join that group!

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