April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

Do you have any plans for Easter? Are you having a holiday or are you working? I'll stay at home, take a little break but sew and craft in small bits too. I wish to:

-go through my bookshelf for a little inspiration
-make a nice dinner with my boyfriend (I bought a salmon today)
-get some ideas how to decorate new gift boxes and make a booth display at the upcoming craft event
-visit many nice blogs for a joy and enlightment
-sow some more summer flower seeds
-spend time outdoors, the weather forecast is promising!

I almost forgot, we'll get a guest coming on Saturday and staying for four days. It's Kiti, the kitten of my boyfriend's sister's family. I hope we'll get along well. Happy Easter!


MS Handbags said...

Happy Easter! It sounds like you have such a lovely weekend planned. I'm planning on taking it easy but all I can think about is handbags, so there may be some sewing in there too!

Stéphanie Kilgast said...

Happy Easter!
I bought about 800 gr of chocolates :D :D and I will go bicycling with my boyfriend. Nothing exceptional planned though!

jealousydesign said...

I have promised that I will take the weekend of and not work so much :)
It will be a nice and calm easter with good food and just relax.

Have a great weekend!

ingermaaike said...

For me it is a happy time as my hubby well come home tomorrow after a week abroad :0D

And I will craft and have fun with the kids.

Kristine said...

Have a great Easter! We will put colored eggs out in the backyard for the children. I will fill their baskets with candy and cars. You know the Easter bunny comes pretty early in the morning! And when everthing settles down maybe some time in the studio!!

Ravenhill said...

We are hanging out just our little family. It is delightful to have a calm and relaxing time at home.

Meltem said...

Happy easter to you too:)

fleurfatale said...

ooh, I am sure your weekend will begreat, I am curious what you will do with the salmon!
I don't have much plans for the eatern weekend,I just hope the weather will be nice, and that we can spend some time in the garden (children seeking eggs, mummy felting, everybody relaxing, enjoying the sun and the singing of the birds!)

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