November 04, 2010

My Creative Space

this project started a while back
now i am in the midst of it
cutting and sewing and fitting
karuski laptop sleeves will soon find their way to nudge
it is a lovely eco-conscious life style shop downtown helsinki
i went to see myself last week and liked a lot
it is not only about scratching the surface or greenwashing
they genuinely work in eco-friendly ways on daily basis
even the shop furniture was made of reclaimed materials
and of course, no sweat-shop produced stuff in this store
no rainforests cut down, either

more creative spaces on kootoyoo's blog
wishing you a creative day, everyone!

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Carolina said...

Those are the cutest!

happyment said...

These look so lovely and your bambi appliques are just adorable!

gretchenmist said...

these are gorgeous ~ congrats on stocking a great shop too :)

Lucie said...

Lovely ! It must be exciting to have your creations in a shop nearby :)

julia said...

These are lovely. I adore the colours you chose, as always!

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