January 22, 2010

Weekend Wishlist

Do you have any wishes for this weekend?

I'd love to do (some of) the following:
- go for ice-skating (last Sunday we had so much fun!)
- bake something sweet (suggestions?)
- watch a good movie (we have a pile of DVDs which haven't been watched yet)
- make soap (I have wanted to try this for so long, I even got a soap making book from my last birthday, now I have purchased the ingredients)
- sew a few new clutches (it's been a silent week in my studio)

I forgot to show you this print I bought some time ago from DearDodo. It's just so lovely, I could stare at it all day! I need to have it framed soon. Why is it that finding a suitable frame for a print is rather difficult. Have you experienced the same? I mean I have more than this particular print I haven't framed yet. It's a pity.

Anyway, I'm wishing a really good weekend to everyone!
Please share your wishlist by leaving a link to your blog post, I'll come for a visit!


good morning - midnight said...

you should definitely make soaps. i used to make a lot of soaps as i love to use them so much. and it is so much fun to make them. even though it is a bit tricky and it takes time. do you make some with oil? i love olive oil the most. and everything with milk... but don't try milk when you do it the first time.
so. have a fantastic weekend with a lot of sun and nice things. all the best from vienna, m

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of ice skating. Oooo, so lucky that you still have natural ice. Ours are all melted down to cold water. :( I wish you a fun weekend with your soap making and new clutches. :)

Anonymous said...

ooh, i'd love to learn to ice skate again! i used to... when i was 10yrs old, lol

Vilt à la Kim said...

Looks like super cool ideas!
Enjoy the skating and soap making!
Oh and I made a wishlist too.....

Kreativlink said...

Hope your wishes come true!
Tell me when the sweet baking is done so I know when to come for a visit! :)

ArtMind said...

I definately want to learn how to make soap & I also have numerous prints laying around waiting to be framed! I got one done last weekend! :) Happy weekend, Minna!

Bigbluebed said...

I followed Maisy here.

We made chocolate chip cookies the other day - lovely.

Boo's Jewellery said...

Good luck with your plans everyone - have lovely weekends - you have a lot of creative ideas. But me ice skating - I don't think so - unless you all wanted a really good laugh!

karuski said...

Thank everyone who participated, it was fun to read about your comments and wishes!

I managed to make a soap (now waiting patiently until it's ready being used), continued with sewing too. We got such a cold weather, couldn't go ice-skating. Instead of baking I ended up making hummus, haha. And homehow I didn't find a moment to watch a movie, hopefully soon though!


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