January 12, 2010

Handmade Olympics

Here are fun news: RikRak's lovely eco-friendly blog is hosting handmade olympics! It's a game about a good will and giving, you can nominate your favorite artists and crafters in different categories, show love and appreciation towards their work & win gift certificate prizes too. There are 8 events you can place nominations:

{ event 1 } :: our favourite handmade goodie with an innovative design
{ event 2 } :: our favourite handmade goodie for kids
{ event 3 } :: our favourite handmade eco friendly goodie

{ event 4 } :: our favourite handmade item that inspires lovelieness + wellness (in our homes, for ourselves, etc.)
{ event 5 } :: our favourite handmade personality/group forwarding kindness thru handmaking
{ event 6 } :: our favourite thrifty-forward, sustainable-minded blog, shop or site.
{ event 7 } :: our favourite FUN-FILLED handmade OR vintage goodie

{ event 8 } :: our favourite handmaking-focus blog

So if you have someone special in your mind that fits any category above, go ahead and join the fun. Nominations can be made until January 31st, voting runs February 8th-17th.

PS. If you nominate someone for event 4 you get chances to win gift certificate to my Etsy shop, worth 50 USD. So great!

And here are two other photos I mentioned yesterday. New clutches are now listed. Thanks H again for helping me out with photo shooting...


l'actrice said...

That's a great idea:-)

ArtMind said...

yay for the handmade olympics! :)

Ana Gonzalez said...

Preciosas estas carteras. Beautiful

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