June 22, 2009

Back Home

We had a good time at the summer cottage. The only minus side on these trips is the long distance. We drove back last night and reached home after 6 1/2 hours on the road. The weather wasn't that great, in fact Saturday was somewhat rainy but it didn't really matter as we got a chance to relax anyway. We cooked nice summer food; smoked fish with boiled potatos and green salad, went to sauna and I dipped myself in a refreshing lake. We spent time reading books & magazines. And the kitten was excited with bugs and bumble bees (luckily she didn't get a bite though...).

Hmm, I didn't take many pictures on the weekend so I decided to share these I took at home today instead. They make me feel like a vacation had started already (I know it hasn't!). Is there anything particular that made you feel content today?


ingermaaike said...

My holidays started for real yesterday, hubby off to work , just me the kittens,dogs and kids. Sun was shining so we spent the day by the river. Lounging about :-D The kids and I. And the kittens went outside for the first time while we were BBQing the hamburgers for dinner.

karuski said...

Lucky thing you can enjoy of holiday now Inger! For me it's hard to say when my holiday starts. But I try to take it easy as soon as H starts his next week:)


Frizz said...

I see your kitty made it back with all of it's fur - yea! Nothing makes it feel more like vacation than a good sauna!!

Star of the East said...

Gorgeous pictures, love your style!
I haven't had vacation for more then 2 years, forgot the feeling :(

karuski said...

Frizz, I know, sauna is one of the best inventions in the whole World:D
But the kitten is not so fond of it. Wonder why, lol!

Star, it's hard to have a vacation as a crafter. And I just heard my bf keeps working next week. So do I, sort of!


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