November 28, 2009

Happy Weekend

Yesterday I worked on my price tags. I cut them out of paper stock, stamped and punched, designed and printed the care instructions on stickers and added a piece of fabric ribbon on them. Ribbon is torn out of recycled cotton print fabric. These are quite a lot of work but I'm happy with them now! Also, I tried to stamp the vintage wallpaper. These could become my new visit/business cards. I still need to experiment a bit on different papers and make the decision then. Somehow I'd love to find an alternate for industrially printed ones. The stamped cards could give the feel I'm looking for.

And what else I have here for you? My sales fairy I got from EuropeanStreetTeam's fairy game arrived from Italy yesterday. She is the cutest fairy I've ever seen, thanks Amy! If you haven't seen Amy's jewelry yet, please head over her Etsy shop. She also blogs, have a look here as well.

I'm now going to visit a craft venue at WeeGee in Espoo. From there we continue to Helsinki, Cirque Mechanics play starts at Savoy Theatre at 8 pm. It will be fun! Have a lovely weekend, you too!


vadjutka said...

how cute fairy! :-)

Rita alias alatvian said...

Great work both of you!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Anniki :) said...

Your tags look very beautiful. I've been struggling with this for a long time, just don't have an idea how to make them.

Fairy is cute too :)

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